Candace Owens “transvestigates” the first lady of France

The Daily Wire host is pushing speculation that Brigitte Macron is a transgender woman

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Citation From the March 11, 2024, edition of Candace Owens, hosted by The Daily Wire

CANDACE OWENS: Some major updates now happening. Major, major updates. Let me tell you about how I happened upon the story. There was just an article that was published in the Daily Mail. Here is the headline: "The proof France's first lady wasn't born a man." I was like "what?"

So I of course, instantly read it because what a bizarre thing that you're even needing to present proof that Brigitte Macron was not born a man and embedded within the article, they showed two photos and I'm going to show you right now. This is the first photo, this is allegedly Brigitte Macron when she was a little girl sitting on her mom's lap. But when I saw this photo, the first thing I noticed was that the person on the far left, the boy that actually looks like Brigitte Macron. I'm taking you guys through my thought process.

I saw this when I was like, actually looks like she might actually be the guy. Maybe she's a dead ringer for her brother, but I don't see any resemblance there with the little girl. They show the second photo debunking, another young photo allegedly of Brigitte Macron. What I thought when I looked at this photo that this looks way too new to be a photo of a 70-year-old when they were a child. Now again, these are my thought processes.

When I then read the article, there was no debunking whatsoever. They just were calling people that were saying otherwise far-right. You know, all the typical buzzwords: far-right, conspiracy theorists, racist, sexist, it's homophobic, it's antisemitism. Just the thing that we are all now able to immediately look through. These names don't mean anything anymore. And that just makes you want to look further into the alleged theory and I did and holy smokes.

So the quote unquote conspiracy theory is actually a three year thorough investigation that was conducted by journalists that were working with genealogists. It was published in six issues in Faits et Documents, I'm sorry, my French is not that good, but they, yes, they published six issues unpacking what they had discovered after a three year investigation and here is what they are saying.

So again, I'm gonna say allegedly this is what they have published their theory is that the first lady Brigitte Macron was actually born Jean Michel. So Brigitte is actually John Michael. John Michael lived as a man for 30 years, fathered five children and then transitioned at the age of 30 to become Brigitte.

Now I'm just gonna show you this before and after photo just right here, they actually used as a part of their investigation, Chinese software, and this is a side by side. It is such a dead ringer. It's crazy to me that you would not say that these two individuals look alike. This is potentially the same individual age. So on the left, what I'm showing you is John Michael. On the right is a photo of the first lady. Now I will tell you why this has legs, and why I'm going to encourage you to read the very long document that I read, which we will include in the link in bio.

The first obvious thing, the first obvious reason that I am very much believing what they have published is because the First Lady is simply unable to produce any photos of herself throughout the first 30 years of her life. Guys, how easy to debunk this? If you say "Candace, no, actually you lived as a man for 30 years." I lived for 30 years. I'm gonna show you every photo of every year that I've lived. Here's me in college, right. Here's me while I was pregnant with my children. Here's me and my husband on our wedding day. There would be so many photos that Brigitte should have at her disposal if this is false, but they won't produce any. Nope, they're just calling all everybody wrong and backwards and transphobic. Just produce the photos. Instead, the only photos they have produced that are circling in the media are the photos that I just showed you.

And as I said, the first photo, she looks more like the John Michael who she claims is actually her brother who she won't just present him to the public. If that is in fact, your brother, please just go on a walk with him so we can capture it and say, "Oh no, she just happens to look like her brother. Here's John Michael." No, John Michael has disappeared. The genealogist just can't find a single trace of John Michael since Brigitte came into the public space at the age of 30. So John Michael existed for 30 years according to the genealogist. And then John Michael stops existing and Brigitte exists but Brigitte doesn't exist for the first 30 years. 

The second photo, the one that I said to you looked a little too recent for an alleged 70 year old. Well, yeah, they were able to debunk that that's actually a photo of her daughter, her daughter Tiphaine. You can see now side by side, of course, that is her daughter. It's a dead ringer for her daughter. So why would you colorize a photo and make it black and white and try to pass it as yourself when it is in fact, your daughter? I'm sure somebody will say, "well, it wasn't, didn't come directly from the first lady." It is very obvious that they are trying to dissuade the narrative by producing these two photos which are easily debunked.

Here's a second reason that I would say major red flags rather than just producing what should be ample evidence of your existence for the first 30 years of your life. They're suing. Yes. The first lady actually sued two of the journalists that were involved in producing the story. Here's a headline from The Telegraph. "Brigitte Macron sues women who claimed that she is transgender." Something to note is what exactly Brigitte is suing for. She's suing them for violation of privacy and fundamental personal rights plus illicit use of her image. What does that mean? That doesn't mean anything.