Nigel Farage says Steve Bannon asked him to go stump for Roy Moore's AL Senate bid

From the September 25 edition of SiriusXM Patriot's Breitbart News Daily:

NIGEL FARAGE: Well Steve Bannon said I should come and help Judge Roy Moore. And I'll tell you what's interesting. If you think back to last year, we had the big Brexit vote, we had Trump becoming the president. I mean it truly was the revolution of 2016. But here we are, a year on, and what's happening? What's happening is the establishment are fighting back. They're fighting back in Britain, doing everything they can to delay Brexit, to water it down. And what's happening on this side of the pond? Well, you know what, from day one, with the judges, to members of Congress, people are trying to stop the Trump project. I'm going to tell you the funny thing. What's stopping Brexit? What's stopping Trump putting through his agenda? It's not the enemy, it's not the other side, it's people who say they're on our side, but in reality, they're not actually conservatives, they are part of the establishment, and that is why, to get us all back on course, we've got to get conservative campaigns mobilized, and we've got to get people into elected positions who are not prepared to compromise on their principles for the sake of their career.


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