Breitbart radio: Women are using #MeToo to share their stories of sexual harassment as a “status symbol”

John Nolte: “It’s like the AIDS ribbon. You know, I feel very bad for these women, but it’s sort of becoming a status symbol.”

From the October 17 edition of Sirius XM's Breitbart News Daily:

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JOHN NOLTE: Nothing will be done. I'll just say it right now. No names will be named. Nothing will be done. A lot of money will be thrown at people. A lot of virtue signaling will be done. A lot of it will be to further politics, to further the left wing agenda of so-called multiculturalism and diversity. You know, the issue -- what's so funny is that there's more women running Hollywood now than ever before and this problem is still there. So the answer is not more women in power. But it all -- it's all damage control. It's all BS. If these people cared, they'd call for an outside person to come in and investigate.

ALEX MARLOW (HOST): OK, so let's talk about this “me too” hashtag that really took a lot of the country by storm over the weekend. I admit, I didn't fully follow it. Tell me what the thing was and what came from it.

NOLTE: It was actress Alyssa Milano, who did Who's the Boss and Charmed, and she came up with this idea -- I guess a friend of hers gave it --  to tag as “me too,” m-e-t-o-o, and the idea is to say “me too” publicly and tell your story of sexual harassment. And it took off, and there's a number of name actresses using it and claiming that they -- but, again, it's like the AIDS ribbon. You know, I feel very bad for these women, but it's sort of becoming a status symbol. And unless you name names -- and none of these women so far have named names -- and I'm fine, if they want to say, listen I've talked to the police. If they want to say that, I'm fine with that. Like, America Ferrera, she should go to the police. She was raped as a nine year old. But no one's naming names. It's just sort of becoming -- and maybe, it's probably good. I'm not saying it's not good. It probably feels good to know you're not alone. 


NOLTE: It probably feels good to tell the truth and get it off your chest. And that's a good thing, but nothing is going to -- all these sexual harassers, male and female, all they're seeing in this over the last two days is the same old same old. They're seeing people that are enabling them through silence.


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