Here Are Some Of The Worst Headlines Milo Yiannopoulos Published Attacking Rape Survivors


Just two days after news broke that’s senior editor Milo Yiannopoulos would speak at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), the conference’s hosts have rescinded his speaking invitation after a video circulated of Yiannopoulos “condoning pedophilia.” Over the next few days, Simon & Schuster canceled Yiannopoulos’ book deal, and Yiannopoulos resigned from his position at Breitbart. Though Yiannopoulos claimed he felt regret over his “poor choice of words,” his prior Breitbart headlines clearly display Milo’s long-standing history of attacking and mocking survivors of sexual assault, as well as denying the existence of rape culture. Here are Milo’s worst headlines:

[, 10/16/15]

[, 8/27/14]

[, 10/30/16]

[, 1/6/16]

[, 10/7/16]

[, 6/23/14]

[, 10/12/16]

[, 7/16/15]

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