Andrew Breitbart and his “Internet trolls” investigation

On Monday, the conservative writer published an unintentional side-splitter in the WashTimes about how vicious, unethical liberals were inundating right-blog sites and trashing the the comment sections. Breitbart was, if nothing else, quite animated:

Much of Mr. Obama's vaunted online strategy involved utilizing “Internet trolls” to invade enemy lines under false names and trying to derail discussion. In the real world, that's called “vandalism.” But in a political movement that embraces “graffiti” as avant-garde art , that's business as usual. It relishes the ability to destroy other people's property in pursuit of electoral victory.

He lamented that some big name GOP blog sites even had to pull the plug on comments because so many liberal “goons and liars” had infested the sites.

But this recent passage from the right-wing blog Little Green Footballs caught our eye [emphasis added]:

Good for David Horowitz; his latest column for FrontPage makes many of the same points I've been hammering away at since Barack Obama was elected (leading to a series of meltdowns in our comment threads, and a barrage of hate mail that shows no sign of letting up). Horowitz is on the mark when he says way too many on the right are now suffering from Obama Derangement Syndrome.

Here's the context: LGF was cheering a column that conservative David Horowitz wrote at FrontPageMag that raised concerns about how conservatives were wallowing in Obama Derangement Syndrome; that they were reacting to Obama's presidency with unhinged rhetoric, etc. LGF agreed, and mentioned it had been making the same points on its blog: conservatives had become unhinged under Obama.

And what was the reader reaction to that critique? LGF's reader comment threads got trashed by conservatives. LGF was inundated with hate mail from fellow conservatives.

See the irony? Breitbart whines in the pages of the WashTimes about some diabolical left-wing plan to sabotage conservative blog sites with nasty comments. (Breitbart provides zero proof, BTW, that such a plot exists.) But when you poke around the right-wing blogs, what do you find? Complaints that conservative readers are sabotaging conservative sites that have the nerve to criticize people suffering from Obama Derangement Syndrome.

Seems that before Breitbart blames liberals again for trashing right-wing Internet sites, he might want to talk to LGF.