NRA News To Women: Don't Believe The Scarlett Johansson Hype, Buy Guns


On May 15, Cam Edwards, host of Cam & Company on NRA News, hosted conservative commentator and Pajamas Media contributor Bill Whittle to discuss what Whittle termed "the demasculinization of men, the feminization of men, and the wimpification of men." Whittle concluded his thoughts by explaining that he is "genuinely disturbed" about the presence of "women butt-kickers in movies" like Scarlet Johansson in The Avengers, because instead of thinking they can fight large men women should be buying guns. Edwards could not agree more:

BILL WHITTLE, CONSERVATIVE COMMENTATOR: I am dealing with the pop culture. I'm in the film business out here. So what I'm dealing with is, I'm dealing with the source of hypnotism. What I mean by that is, I think the politics is downstream of culture. I think when people go to the movies and they sit there they are fundamentally hypnotized. You go to a horror movie, let's say, right, and you're scared out of your wits, but you're sitting in an air-conditioned building, you're surrounded by other people, you know there is no monster there, but you're still terrified. And so when the movies project to the American people this Woody Allen kind of ideal of kind of weakness and kind of "I'm going to issue a snappy comeback as I run for the hills and leave everybody to the bad guys." Well people to begin to think that's what's expected. While we both just talked a moment ago about heroism and women, one thing I am really genuinely disturbed about, you see this all over the place, are these kind of women butt-kickers in movies. Scarlett Johansson who is, you know, she's probably five foot four and maybe she weighs 110 pounds soaking wet taking down these 250 pound guys with karate chops and stuff.


WHITTLE: It's like bad things are going to happen if people think this is going to happen in the real world. Because number one, girls are going to get themselves badly hurt, and number two, when guys see movies about young girls, and young women doing all these physical moves in these wild kind of defense things, it takes away that fundamental inhibition that has been drilled into boys my age, and your age too, and that is you never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever hit a girl. Ever ever ever. When young boys go to movies and see girls doing all this butt-kicking and taking down all these guys, number one, girls think they are going to get away with that, there is not going to be an outcome where a 100 pound girl physically punches a 210 pound guy with a happy outcome for the girl. That's why you have guns.

EDWARDS: Absolutely. Absolutely right.

Beyond the sexist implications of Whittle's thoughts on what women can and can't do, this has to be one of the strangest ways that the National Rifle Association has highlighted the need to own a gun.

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