Breitbart's Big Journalism compares "the press" to AIDS; says Fox News, talk radio, Big Journalism are "immune-boosting cocktails"


In a January 19 blog post, Big Journalism's Bill Whittle wrote:

The press is supposed to be the immune system of the body politic. The press is supposed to be anywhere and everywhere, seeking out corruption the way a white blood cell targets pathogens. When the press no longer serves this function of protecting the political body against abuses of power - because it is too ideologically blinded to be able to either see or act upon these threats -- then our Republic has a virulent and highly lethal (historically, anyway) form of AIDS.

Talk radio, Fox News and the Internet - places like Big Journalism - are the immune-boosting cocktails that may keep the patient alive long enough for "the Press" to recover its true function and restore the body to health.

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