NBC's Gregory Headlines Conference For GOP Ally Group


As host of NBC's Meet the Press, David Gregory talks with the most influential people in politics and the media. It was on Meet the Press, for instance, that Vice President Joe Biden made news with his statement supporting gay marriage.

His guests expect a fair hearing. But today, Gregory is scheduled to address the National Federation of Independent Business' Small Business Summit.

As Think Progress notes, the NFIB is not merely an industry group -- it's an organization with a clear record of partisan activism. In the 2010 election cycle, NFIB's political action committee spent more than a million dollars to support Republican candidates, and none on Democrats.

The NFIB is also the lead plaintiff in the lawsuit against the Affordable Care Act.

Gregory's willingness to associate himself with a group like this raises questions about his allegiances.

The NFIB states that it "pushes back against [the] Big Labor agenda." The next time a union leader appears on Meet the Press, will he be getting a fair shake?

The appearance of a conflict of interest should be a concern for both Gregory and NBC.

David Gregory
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