Gutfeld Admits The Obvious: Trump Rules Fox's World

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On today's edition of Fox News' The Five, Greg Gutfeld made a surprisingly honest statement: "Donald Trump knows that if he says anything bad about Obama," Fox will "play it." Gutfeld's comments came after Fox aired a YouTube video of Trump ranting about Obama holding a fundraiser in New York.

As Gutfeld indicated, The Five was hardly the only place on Fox you could find Trump's rant. It has aired on at least three other shows:

You might recall that earlier this year, Fox was Trump's network of choice for floating his presidential ambitions (advised by Fox's own Sean Hannity) and peddling discredited birther claims (advised by discredited birther Jerome Corsi). When that fell through, Fox followed up by promoting the appointment of Trump as treasury secretary.

So, yeah, Gutfeld is right -- if Trump throws out some red meat, especially of the anti-Obama kind, Fox will definitely play it. And why not? Trump rules their world.

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