WSJ's Noonan Ready To Blame Obama If Super Committee Fails To Reach A Deal

WSJ's Noonan Ready To Blame Obama If Super Committee Fails To Reach A Deal

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We've detailed how the right-wing media is preparing to blame President Obama should the congressional super committee fail to reach a deal to decrease the federal deficit, and right-wingers are continuing to bolster that narrative.

The Wall Street Journal's Peggy Noonan laid out such a blame-Obama agenda on the November 20 edition of ABC's This Week:

NOONAN: Look, the super committee is over, it has broken down, nothing is going to happen here. ... Look, it broke down over classic Democrats/Republicans, spending/taxes. We know what the issues were. Some people tried to make compromise; it didn't work. It didn't work mostly, in my view, contra Rahm Emanuel, because the president never got involved in this. He never pushed it forward. He could have had a big psychological effect. There were moments where they came close. The president stiffed his own defense secretary, who said sequestering essentially will hollow out what we are trying to do here.

Noonan's complaint feeds the right-wing narrative that Obama wants the super committee to fail -- which is contradicted by the fact that Obama has repeatedly called upon the super committee to "get the job done" and reach a deal. It also ignores the fact that Republicans have refused to compromise and have instead proposed massive tax giveaways for the wealthiest Americans and even more massive cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, education, and other programs Americans rely on.

As the super committee deadline draws near, look for Noonan and others in the right-wing media to keep up the blame-Obama drumbeat.

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