Breitbart Editor Still Has Not Retracted False Claim About Murder At Occupy Savannah

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Yesterday, Big Government editor-in-chief Mike Flynn posted a report claiming somebody had been murdered at the Occupy Savannah protest. Flynn's post fit in with an obsession at Andrew Breitbart sites to portray the Occupy movement as a haven for rapists and murders and drug addicts. The right-wing media has spent months now relentlessly trying to demonize the activists.

Flynn seemed eager to add to the list of alleged crimes [emphasis added]:

Social media has been the principal vehicle of communication for the #Occupy movement. Through Facebook and Twitter, the loosely-knit band of anarchists, communists and leftist agitators have coordinated their actions and disseminated news to supporters around the world. There has also been a very dark side, but we'll leave that aside for now. This afternoon, #OccupySavannah, through its Facebook page, announced the murder of an activist at the #Occupy camp:

False. The Facebook post in question did not announce the murder of an activist "at the #Occupy camp." Instead, it passed along the sad news that a local musician, and Occupy protester, had been killed in Savannah the day before.

According to police, the man was shot during a robbery that occurred in another part of town from where the Occupy protests are being held. But having already botched the story about the murder taking place "at" Occupy Savannah, Flynn, just hours after a man had been murdered, charged ahead and made sure to claim there was a political connection:

I will temper my thoughts in the wake of this tragedy. But it bears repeating that earnest, well-intentioned, but misguided youth like Mr. Brazell have been cynically exploited by the progressive-industrial machine for political gain. They have been lured into situations that are increasingly dominated by criminals and predators.

Wow. The murdered man in Savannah had been "lured" to his death by the Occupy movement, even though the man was the victim of a robbery approximately ten miles away from the protests?

What's even more remarkable is that press accounts debunked Flynn's erroneous claim, and even after readers at Big Government posted links that completely debunked Flynn's erroneous claim, no correction or retraction has been posted by Flynn or Breitbart.

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