The Occupy Wall Street Disconnect

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

Something is not adding up when it comes to the ongoing Occupy Wall Street protests.

According to the right-wing media, which has showered the movement with endless coverage for the last six weeks and done its best (worst?) to demonize it, Occupy Wall Street and its protesters are "anti-American," "communist, Nazi....pot-smoking, sex addicted morons." They're "anti-Semitic" "whiners," "loons," "parasites," and "petulant little children." They're lunatic," "comrade", "losers" who represent the "fringe of the fringe of the fringe," are becoming "increasingly violent" and follow the lead of Hamas. They're "anarchists," and "smug stupid idiots" who "sound like the Unabomber."

The disconnect? According to the latest CBS/New York Times poll, a plurality of Americans support Occupy Wall Street.

In terms of messaging and propaganda, we may be witnessing one of the right-wing media's all-time great failures.

Fox News Channel
Rush Limbaugh, Andrew Breitbart
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