Loesch Overlooks Fox's Relentless Promotion To Claim Media Did Not Aid Tea Party


Following a post by Slate's Dave Weigel in which Weigel pointed out that CNN contributor Dana Loesch's criticism of liberal journalists' coverage of the Occupy Wall Street protests is hypocritical given her coverage of the tea parties, Loesch complained that the media has "been mostly hostile to the [tea party] movement." Loesch went on to claim, "The media did not 'aid' the tea party; the tea party grew in spite of it."

But Loesch is ignoring the fact that the tea party had a dedicated cable news network in Fox News devoted to aggressively promoting and providing uniformly positive coverage of the events and protests. Fox even branded 2009 tea party protests as "FNC Tax Day Tea Parties":


In fact, the Tea Party Express highlighted Fox's positive coverage numerous times, even using Fox's friendly coverage to raise money and later admitting that "there would not have been a tea party without Fox." And not only did the Tea Party Express praise Fox's tea party coverage, but it also cited the "great television news coverage" from CNN -- now Loesch's cable news home -- as well.

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