Fox Nation Considers Obama "Reduced" By Spending Time With "Unemployed Union Workers"


An October 12 Fox Nation post highlighted an Associated Press story about President Obama sharing a beer with unemployed construction workers in Florida. But unlike the AP headline, Fox Nation declared that Obama was "Reduced to Holding Beer Summits with Unemployed Union Workers," suggesting that sharing a beer with a group of American workers would somehow be beneath the President. From Fox Nation:


Additionally, the AP article's headline (which Fox Nation demoted to a photo caption) as it appeared October 11 in The Washington Post was, "Obama raises a glass with unemployed construction workers in Florida, toasts 'to more jobs.' " The article makes no mention of Obama being "reduced" to spending time with them, or even that they were union workers.

Fox Nation has a history of manipulating headlines of other news outlets in order to twist stories to fit their right-wing bias, and today's example is no different.

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