Fox Nation: Re-Writing Headlines To Fit The Agenda


A trend that has been noticed far too often here at Media Matters is this: if Fox News wants to spin a certain aspect of a story to fit their conservative agenda, they'll do it any way they know how. Their blog, Fox Nation, seems to exist solely to do just that.

Exhibit A:

On June 25, an article appeared in the Los Angeles Times about a call by human rights groups, including the ACLU and Amnesty International, to investigate fatal shootings of various people who threw rocks and nail-studded boards at U.S. Border Patrol agents. The headline, as it appeared in the Times, read:


Fox Nation, linking to the same Los Angeles Times article, posted this headline:


Here, Fox Nation clearly manipulates the headline of the Times article in order to do two things, both of which are big talking points on the Fox News agenda: attack the ACLU, and use the blatantly offensive term "illegals" to describe the attackers in question who threw the rocks.

Exhibit B:

They do this constantly at Fox Nation. That is not an exaggeration. Observe:

Actual News Headlines Vs. Fox News Headlines

(H/T Buzz Feed)

Exhibit C:

Fox News Channel frequently uses derogatory terms to describe undocumented immigrants both on air and on their on-screen text. Here are just a few examples of derogatory on-screen text aimed at undocumented immigrants:




Additionally, Fox has called the 14th Amendment "the anchor baby amendment." Classy.

Misinformation? Check. Constant manipulation for political gain? Check. No one is fooled, Fox News.

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