Right-Wing Media Use London Riots To Push For More Lenient Gun Laws

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Last month, we documented how right-wing media used the Norway terrorist attack to push for more lenient gun laws. They're at it again, now using the riots in the United Kingdom as their hook.

Today, Andrew Breitbart's Big Government published a blog post by AWR Hawkins headlined "If We Let the Government Take Our Guns, We'll Have To Run and Hide Like Londoners." Hawkins claimed that "because England banned the private ownership of handguns the "criminals are confident the citizenry is thoroughly unarmed" and are "going into homes and business ... taking whatever they want." They then attempt to strike fear into readers by suggesting "if we ever let the government take our guns, it won't be long till we'll be scrambling under tables like Londoners."

He punctuated that post with this picture, although it's unclear if this is supposed to be a picture of the rioters or those running in fear because they don't have guns:

Not to be outdone, Fox News soon got into the act.

Greg Gutfeld, host of Fox News' The Five discussed the riots and claimed that "without the threat of punishment you have nothing -- you need guns." When asked for clarification, Gutfeld said: "an armed society is a behaved society."

Leave it to Fox News and the right-wing media to suggest guns would solve the problems in Britain. Then again, we just don't know how low they will go to push their agenda and bash the left.

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