Rebekah Brooks Arrested


Sunday morning, Rebekah Brooks, former head of Rupert Murdoch's newspapers in the UK, was arrested in connection to the growing News Corp. hacking scandal.

From The New York Times:

The British police on Sunday arrested Rebekah Brooks, the former head of Rupert Murdoch's media operations in Britain, according to a former associate at News International, the newspaper group at the heart of a phone-hacking scandal convulsing the Murdoch empire, the British political elite and the police.

The development was the latest twist in a series of events that has transformed Mr. Murdoch from a virtually untouchable force in the British media landscape to a mogul fighting for the survival of his power and influence.

Earlier on Sunday, the Labour opposition leader, Ed Miliband, who has taken a lead in assailing Mr. Murdoch's operations, called for the breakup of News International, the British subsidiary of Mr. Murdoch's News Corporation. Mr. Miliband called the newspaper group's influence "dangerous." [7/17/11]

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