Meet The Press Won't Stop Misinforming On "Obama's Economic Record"

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Meet The Press moderator David Gregory is still misrepresenting President Obama's economic record.

In June, Meet The Press aired a graphic claiming that "President Obama's Economic Record" consisted of higher unemployment, debt, and gas prices.

During an interview with Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner Meet The Press aired a virtually identical graphic minus the line about gas prices, which Gregory called "the chart of the president's economic record":


What these graphics do not show, and what David Gregory did not see fit to mention, is that President Obama's recovery measures have boosted employment by several million jobs, according to several different independent estimates. Furthermore, a March 2010 study in The Wall Street Journal found that 70 percent of economists surveyed said the stimulus "boosted growth and mitigated job losses." As well, analyses have shown that virtually all of the debt added in the last several years are attributable to Bush-era policies and the economic downturn.

When Gregory presented this graphic to Geithner, he dismissed it as "a ridiculous table." Watch:

Hopefully, the Meet The Press graphics department can come up with a more truthful chart before the show next discusses economic issues.

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