Bolling Laughs Off Effort To Correct His False Union Smear

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Fox Business host Eric Bolling demonstrated this week how he responds to facts that undermine his preferred falsehoods: He laughs at them.

For several months, Fox figures have used deceptively cropped video of National Education Association official Bob Chanin's farewell address to smear the union. Sean Hannity suggested that the video showed that the teachers' union doesn't "care about the children," while Andrew Napolitano cited the video to claim that the NEA cares only for "power," and not representing its members.

Chanin's full speech clearly shows that he was explaining that caring about schoolchildren is not enough for the union to be an effective advocate - he was saying that the NEA is a more effective advocate for children because it has power to negotiate and advocate for certain policies. In his speech, Chanin explicitly said that the NEA's power would "enable us to achieve our vision of a great public school for every child."

Bolling stuck to the Fox script Tuesday, playing a deceptively cropped video of the speech and then claiming that the NEA cares only about political power and is "not about the children." Bolling described Chanin's edited comments - edited to fit the Fox News falsehood - as a "despicable slip." Fox contributor Mike Gallagher later said the comments illustrated that the NEA is "an evil, evil, corrupt entity."

And when one of Bolling's guests attempted to point out that Bolling was wrong, he simply laughed, repeated the Fox script, and moved on.


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