Oh Brother. NewsBusters Claims Fox Hosts "Played No Part" In Birther Conspiracy

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The right-wing's madcap revisionism continues all week in the wake of the mighty birther collapse. Although, I have to say the extent to which revisionists will go remains eye-popping.

From a Fox News apologist at NewBusters [emphasis added]:

Of course even Fox News did its part to debunk the birther nonsense. The channel's hosts of course played no part in the conspiracy theory, but its commentators also frequently spoke out against it.

Having spun the Media Matters birther archive wheel, I'll suggest that these headlines disagree:

-Hannity Says It's "Not True" That Obama Has Shown His Birth Certificate

-Bolling Implies Kenya Is Obama's "World"

-Hannity Wages All-Out Campaign To Promote Birther Conspiracy Theory

-And Now, Doocy Dips His Toe Into Birtherism

-Hannity Falsely Claims The "Strongest Case" For Obama Being A Citizen Is Printed Birth Announcement

-REPORT: Fox Promotes Birther Myth In At Least 52 Segments

-Hannity's Nightly Birther Devotional: He's "Just Curious" Why Obama Doesn't Show The Birth Certificate

Trust me, that's just a small sampling.

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