Bolling Implies Kenya Is Obama's "World"

Bolling Implies Kenya Is Obama's "World"


From the April 13 edition of Fox Business' Follow The Money:

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BOLLING: After about 25 minutes of trashing the GOP plan to tackle six trillion dollars in deficit, Obama finally got to his gimmick -- I mean, his plan. His plan is a 12 year, four-part scenario that breaks down like this. Number one: Use the $38 1/2 half billion in savings from last week's budget deal, but the president's math is a bit more than fuzzy. 38.5 times 12 is not $750 billion like he proposes, it's $462 billion dollars. So, maybe he should keep the funding for education -- his own.

Number two: Cut defense, $400 billion. Let's see, three wars, Al-Qaeda and Taliban want to kill us. Cutting defense spending now is just plain stupid.

Number three: Use the blurry numbers they use to jam Obamacare down our throats, and save -- get this -- save a trillion dollars. Meanwhile, premiums keep going up, and, by the way, how does Obamacare save the government money again?

And number four: Get this, reduce spending in the tax code. How does increasing taxes count as spending cuts in your world, Mr. Obama? Maybe in Kenya, but certainly not here. This plan will amount to deficit increases, not reductions. It's a load of crap, and I'm offended that you think we're dumb enough to accept your math or your plan.

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