Conservative Media Look At Hosni Mubarak And See Barack Obama


In the wake of protests in Egypt, right-wing media have compared President Obama to corrupt Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, who has ruled that country as a police state for 30 years. Conservative media have long accused Obama of being "anti-Democratic" and a "dictator."

Right-Wing: Obama Just As Corrupt, Oppressive, And Intolerant As Mubarak

Beck Suggests Obama Is Exhibiting "A Sign Of A Dictator." On Fox News' Fox & Friends, Glenn Beck stated:

BECK: Did anybody notice the remarkable statements from the president last week where the president was saying, look, as long as people are peacefully assembling, they have a right to speak and the government should listen to them. All of -- when he's saying that, all I can think of was the speech where he's walking around going, "And they're carrying tea bags," and mocking the American people.

And then, while they're pushing for an Internet kill switch for the president, that does not have judicial review -- in fact, it specifically says courts cannot review the decision. While they're pushing for that in our own Congress on Friday, he's telling Mubarak, anybody who tries to control the Internet and television and radio, that's a sign of a dictator. Come on. [Fox News, Fox & Friends, 2/1/11]

Limbaugh: "Obama's Been Running The Show Here For Two Years; Seems Like 30." On his radio show, Rush Limbaugh likened Obama to Mubarak and the Democrats to Mubarak's regime, saying: "How long has Mubarak been in power in Washington [sic]? ... How many years has Hosni Mubarak been -- exactly right: 30 years. How many years Obama been running the show here? Seems like 30 is the correct answer. Obama's been running the show here for two years; seems like 30." Limbaugh went on to say:

LIMBAUGH: How long have Democrats been in charge of Egypt? Well, you'd have to say that Mubarak's closer to being a Democrat than one of us. Sixty years, the Democrat Party has run Egypt -- 60 years. Oh, it's a little precursor of what we're headed to. [Premiere Radio Networks, The Rush Limbaugh Show, 2/1/11]

Coulter Claims Egypt's "Dead-End Society" Is "The Same Sort Of Society Obama Wants To Create Here." On Sean Hannity's Fox News show, though she acknowledged that "I won't ... pretend I've been an expert on Egypt all this time," right-wing pundit Ann Coulter nevertheless went on to say: "Sure, of course, changes should have been made. It wasn't a fabulous regime. It was brutally unfair and a dead-end society -- the same sort of society Obama wants to create here." [Fox News, Hannity, 1/31/11]

Big Government Suggests Obama Would "Be Just As Intolerant" As Mubarak In Similar Crisis. In a post titled, "What Will Obama Do if Egyptian-Style Crisis, Unrest and Revolt Hits America?" Big Government speculated that Obama would be "just as intolerant to dissent as Mubarak" if similar unrest erupted in the United States. From the post by contributor Wayne Allyn Root:

I wonder if he realizes just how close America is to facing a similar crisis that could result in riots, revolt in the streets, and economic paralysis. I wonder if President Obama would act much different than President Mubarak in Egypt. So far, small signs hint that Obama might turn out to be just as intolerant to dissent as Mubarak.


So how will President Obama react to massive protests, riots, and revolt in the USA? Will he choose to shut down the Internet? He criticizes Mubarak, yet Obama is already asking Congress for the authority to do just that (without judicial review). Will Obama cut off access to Facebook and Twitter? Will he try to shut down talk radio and FOX News? Obama and his Democratic allies have already suggested doing that (before a true crisis) with "The Fairness Act." Will Obama attempt to ban guns? He has already come out strongly in support of gun control or bans on numerous occasions before he was even elected President. Will Obama call in the military to contain the riots of unemployed, hungry, angry youth here in America's biggest cities? Will he allow free speech -- even if massive protests call for Obama to step down? [Big Government, 1/31/11]

Big Government Promotes Tea Party Leader's Claim that Obama "Would Not Hesitate" To Shut Off Internet In Crisis. A post on Big Government promoted Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips' claim that Obama "would not hesitate to pull the Internet kill switch." From the post:

Judson Phillips of the Tea Party Nation cautions that as riots grow in Egypt and debate rages whether Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak can remain in power, American citizens need to be watching closely.

"The lesson we in the Tea Party movement need to be paying attention to is Egypt and the Internet. In response to the crisis, the Egyptian government has cut off almost all Internet access to the country and has disrupted cell phone service. They understand, if the opposition cannot communicate, they cannot be effective."

The Internet was critical in getting the tea party movement going, connecting concerned citizens through social media such as Facebook, and communicating information about rallies via email and Twitter.

"As conditions in America continue to go from bad to worse and the possibility of new, large demonstrations against the regime loom, do you think Obama would not hesitate to pull the Internet kill switch?" Phillips asks.

The Internet has revolutionized freedom and democracy. Tell our Senators they must not tamper with the free flow of information on the Internet, no matter the circumstances. [Big Government, 1/30/11]

Malkin Accuses Obama of Acting Like A Dictator. In several posts on her Twitter feed, conservative pundit Michelle Malkin repeatedly suggested that Obama was acting like a dictator and that he was comparable to Mubarak. From Malkin's Twitter feed:



[Twitter, Michelle Malkin, 1/28/11, 1/28/11, 1/28/11]

Human Events' Hayward Suggests Obama Is As Corrupt and "Oppressive" As Mubarak. Similarly, Human Events staff writer John Hayward took to his Twitter feed to suggest Obama was just as corrupt and "oppressive" as Mubarak, writing: "Mubarak addresses angry, bankrupt nation & announces vast new spending to benefit cronies. No, wait, that was Obama." Hayward further wrote of the health care law: "Mubarak crushes populace with oppressive law, exempting hundreds of his cronies. Oh, wait, that's ObamaCare."

[Twitter, Doc_0, 1/28/11, 1/28/11, 1/28/11]

Tammy Bruce: "Waiting For Mubarak To Mention His Plan To Win The Future!!" In a series of posts to her Twitter feed, right-wing radio host Tammy Bruce also compared Obama to Mubarak, writing at one point, "Waiting for Mubarek to mention his plan to Win The Future!!" She further wrote: "Next, Mubarek will suggest, I'm sure, that everyone in the Egyptian parliament sit next to each other throughout the crisis." From Bruce's Twitter feed:

Tammy Bruce

[Twitter, HeyTammyBruce, 1/28/11]

Conservatives Routinely Accuse Obama Of Being "Anti-Democratic"

Limbaugh: China's Political System Is "Very Different" From Ours: "Yeah, Maybe -- But Not For Long." On his radio show, discussing Obama's press conference with Chinese President Hu Jintao, Limbaugh seized on Obama's remark that China's political system is "very different" from the United States', saying, "Obama's up there telling the press corps that China has a very different political system than we do. Yeah, maybe -- but not for long. [Premiere Radio Networks, The Rush Limbaugh Show, 1/19/10]

Wash. Times' Kuhner: "Obama's Regime Has Abused Its Power And Fostered Anti-Democratic Behavior." In his Washington Times column, Jeffrey Kuhner referred to Obama as an "anti-American political thug," writing that Obama "despises the Constitution and capitalism" and "bristles under the restraints of democratic governance and the system of checks and balances." Kuhner went on to compare Obama with Vladimir Lenin, Fidel Castro, and Hugo Chavez, saying that "they have one goal: revolution." Kuhner later stated:

Mr. Obama's regime has abused its power and fostered anti-democratic behavior. He is slowly erecting a soft police state. It is not one with a fascist jackboot on your face but with a unionized TSA bureaucrat in your crotch -- all in the name of public safety. Say hello to Big Brother Barack. [The Washington Times, 11/26/10]

Beck Says "The Trends That We're Headed Towards" Is To "Install A Dictator." On his Fox News show, Glenn Beck purported to explain the "trends that we're headed towards," saying "the whole dictator thing" is not just a "crazy theory." Beck added: "What more is there to be done? Have we not given everything he has asked for? ... After financial reform, the government controls 70 percent of the economy. How much more control do they want?" Beck continued: "Plus, phase two of the Weather Underground is to install a dictator. Now, I know that's heavy, man -- to use the 1960s lingo -- but is it possible? Step one is grab control, grab control of the economy, grab control of the imperialistic system and then, step two is to install a dictator." [Fox News, Glenn Beck, 7/27/10]

Levin On Obama Administration: "We Have Been Tormented And Abused Far More Than The Colonists Were By The King Of England." Discussing the tea party on his radio show, Mark Levin said: "The tea party activists are acting out of history and patriotism. I said many months ago that we have been tormented and abused far more than the colonists were by the King of England. Far more, far oftener, and far more aggressively." [ABC Radio Networks, The Mark Levin Show, 7/20/10]

Levin: What Obama Is Doing Is No Different Than "What's Going On In Venezuela." On his radio show, Levin stated:

LEVIN: No, there isn't going to be a robust recovery, ladies and gentlemen. No, foreign individuals are not going to continue invest in this country, when they can get a better deal somewhere else. This is a disaster. And so what is Obama going to do about it? Keep building and building and building his empire. Keep seizing more assets. This is what's going on. This is what the quote-unquote bailout is all about. They're seizing private-sector assets, transferring them from private parties and turning them over to politicians and government. Now, they put smiles on their faces. They do it with legislation. Sometimes they don't.

But how is this any different in the end, and in theory, to what's going on in Venezuela? I ask you. No aspect of the private sector feels safe from this president and his administration and this Congress. No aspect. That's why people aren't spending and investing in R&D. We're not even standing still. We're regressing. Because we have a man in office who is a destroyer. He's destroying all the magnificence that was created before him. Because he's petulant, because he is inexperienced, because he's immature, and most of all because he's a Marxist. [ABC Radio Networks, The Mark Levin Show, 6/30/10]

Rove Accuses Obama Of Engaging "Intimidation" Tactics "Worthy Of A Third World Dictator." In his Wall Street Journal column, Karl Rove wrote:

Before his health-care bill passed, Mr. Obama sent a tough letter to health-insurance CEOs and then castigated them 22 times in a follow-up prime-time televised speech. This is behavior worthy of a Third World dictator -- not the head of a vibrant democracy.


But it is the president's intimidation that is most troubling. Mr. Obama has the disturbing tendency to question the motives of those who disagree with him, often making them the objects of ad hominem attacks. His motives, on the other hand, are pure.

Mr. Obama often makes it seem illegitimate to challenge his views, and he isn't content to argue issues on the merits. Instead, he wants to make opponents into pariahs. And it's not just business executives who are on the receiving end. We've also seen this pattern with the administration's attacks on the tea party movement and those who attended town-hall meetings last summer on health care.

This is a bad habit -- and a dangerous one. The presidency is a very powerful office, and presidents need to be careful not to use it to silence dissenting voices. [The Wall Street Journal, 4/29/10]

Limbaugh: "If I Didn't Know Better, I Would Say That Hugo Chavez Is Actually Running This Country." On his radio show, Limbaugh claimed that "this regime and its willing accomplices are engaged in the effort to vilify the backbone of this country -- the people who work and thus make it work. They are the objects of derision. They are the targets for destruction." Limbaugh went on to accuse the administration of treating critics and business owners like the "enemy," concluding: "If I didn't know better, I would say that Hugo Chavez is actually running this country. And I'm probably downplaying this a bit." [Premiere Radio Networks, The Rush Limbaugh Show, 4/15/10]

Savage: Obama "Is A Neo-Marxist Fascist Dictator In The Making." On his radio show, Savage accused Obama of being a "neo-Marxist fascist dictator in the making," saying:

SAVAGE: "Super aides for health, the economy, energy, and urban issues, with more to come, prompt lawmakers and groups to worry he may be concentrating power and bypassing Congress." Of course he is. He's a fascist. I know that you don't want to hear this, but the man is a neo-Marxist fascist dictator in the making. He is not using his fascism yet, because he doesn't have enough power to wield the fascist instruments of power, but he is aggrandizing enough power to become a very dangerous president, and you must understand this is an important story. [Talk Radio Network, The Savage Nation, 3/5/09]

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