Crowley: "President MuBarak Obama" Is A "Power-Abusing Pharoah"

Crowley: "President MuBarak Obama" Is A "Power-Abusing Pharoah"


Fox News contributor Monica Crowley, in a February 6 post to Big Government, has become the latest media conservative to compare President Obama to Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak

While the world focuses its attention on the revolt against the dictator in Egypt, we've got an American president exhibiting his own dictatorial tendencies.

Over the past week, Obama's signature "achievement," the monstrous ObamaCare, was ruled unconstitutional by a second federal judge. In his opinion, U.S. District Judge Roger Vinson stated that his declaratory judgment that the entire law be voided was a de facto injunction. In other words, without an administration request for a stay, Judge Vinson's ruling stands. The federal and state governments should thus cease and desist. The current status of ObamaCare is that it's been declared unconstitutional and all implementation must stop.

Obama's reaction? "What? Did someone say something?"


For all of the legitimate criticisms leveled at Hosni Mubarak for his cavalier disregard of his people, we've got a similar thing going on right here. Constitution? Bah! Three co-equal branches of government? Please. Checks and balances? Don't bother me.

The world is full of power-abusing pharoahs. But while everyone is focused on the one half a world away, we've got one of our own right here.

It's President MuBarak Obama.

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