UPDATED: Could Obama Derangement Syndrome Cost You Your Day Job?

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On Friday, we noted that right-wing blogger Paul Mirengoff of Powerline was publicly, and sternly, rebuked by the chairman of the law firm he works at for a bigoted, thoughtless blog post Mirengoff wrote about the Tucson memorial service that Obama addressed in the wake of the gun massacre. Mirengoff was just one of many Obama Derangement Syndrome bloggers who simply could not control themselves in the wake of the tragic shooting story and just had to ridicule whatever Obama was associated with.

Specifically, the Obama-hating Mirengoff belittled an opening prayer at the memorial service that was given by a Native American. Turns out though, that Mirengoff's Minneapolis law firm practices lots of American Indian Law and Policy business.

One of Mirengoff's fellow law partners wrote that he was "shocked and embarrassed" by the mean-spirited post, and the firm's chairman quickly issued a public apology. He condemned the offensive post as being "insensitive and wholly inconsistent" with the firm's values.

Bottom line? Mirengoff is no longer a blogger for Powerline. He's finished.

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