Note To RW Bloggers: Could Obama Derangement Syndrome Cost You Your Day Job?

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I'm surprised this sort of thing doesn't happen more often, as more and more conservative bloggers seem to take leave of their senses in order to criticize any and everything that the Obama White House does. But as TPM notes, a prominent conservative blogger, and practicing attorney, Paul Mirengoff at Powerline really stepped in it when he recently mocked the Tucson memorial where Obama spoke, only to be quickly rebuked by his own law firm.

Specifically, the Obama-hating Mirengoff belittled an opening prayer at the Tucson memorial service given by a Native American [emphasis added].

As for the "ugly," I'm afraid I must cite the opening "prayer" by Native American Carlos Gonzales. It was apparently was some sort of Yaqui Indian tribal thing, with lots of references to "the creator" but no mention of God. Several of the victims were, as I understand it, quite religious in that quaint Christian kind of way (none, to my knowledge, was a Yaqui). They (and their families) likely would have appreciated a prayer more closely aligned with their religious beliefs.

But oops! From TPM:

Mirengoff is a partner at Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP, a law firm with an American Indian Law and Policy department.

Which lead to this statement form the firm's chairman:

We sincerely apologize for the blog entry posted by Akin Gump partner Paul Mirengoff on his personal blog,

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