David Barton, Beck's "Most Important Man In America," Rants About "Homosexual Indoctrination" In Schools

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We've previously reported on the background and views of David Barton, the factually challenged "historian" whom Glenn Beck has called "the most important man in America today." Barton inspired Beck to form his "Black Robe Regiment," and he also serves up (factually challenged) lectures at Beck's online university.

Barton -- like the rest of Beck's Black Robe Regiment -- is virulently anti-gay; he has even wondered why we don't "regulate homosexuality" like cigarettes or trans fats. So it's no real surprise that Barton would go on another gay-bashing tear.

Right Wing Watch notes that Barton recently had as a guest on his radio show Brian Camenker of MassResistance, which the Southern Poverty Law Center lists as an anti-gay "hate group" and is best known for peddling numerous false claims about Obama administration official Kevin Jennings. Barton bizarrely blamed bullying of gays in schools not on the bullies but, rather, on "people from outside the schools coming in and saying 'Oh, you got a bullying problem and we need to teach a course for you.' " Barton continues:

BARTON: It goes back to the question Jesus asks, "What's it profit you to gain the whole world and lose your soul?" The question I gotta ask is, what's it worth to you to gain everything you want and lose your kids?

Because unless you're willing to monitor what's going on in that classroom, I guarantee you they are getting homosexual indoctrination. I don't care whether you're in a rural area or not, because this is so much a part of textbooks, so much a part of curricular stuff, it's so much a part of what goes on with other kids. We see it too often in lawsuits, we hear of accounts like this, and we hear of dozens of other accounts where nothing's ever done. You better get on top of what's being taught to your kids.

Again, this is the person Glenn Beck thinks is "the most important man in America today."

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