Author Debunks Beck University's Faith 102

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Chris Rodda -- senior research director for the Military Religious Freedom Foundation and author of Liars For Jesus: The Religious Right's Alternate Version of American History -- is back with her fifth installment debunking Glenn Beck and "Christian nationalist pseudo-historian" David Barton's warped take on history. This one tackles the Faith 102 course taught at Beck University.

Rodda writes:

The entire goal of Barton's "Faith 102" class was to prove that the two least religious founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin, had no intention of separating church and state. I've debunked many of the lies Barton used in this class before, so, since I've been a bit swamped with my "day job" at the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, and didn't have time to make an entirely new video this week, I've thrown together a few videos debunking some of the lies from "Professor" Barton's Beck U class, mainly using my debunkings of these same lies from a video series I made last year.

You can watch several videos of Rodda schooling Beck and Barton after the jump.



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