Watch As GOP's Lame Duck Impeachment of Clinton Gets Flushed Down The Memory Hole

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Oh my, the right-wing media howls are getting awfully loud about the Democrats trying to pass legislation during the so-called lame duck session following their midterm elections. The howls consistently make the same point: Democrats lost in November so they ought to get out of the way, cease carrying out the nation's business, and let Republicans take control in January. In other words, the voters spoke on Election Day and their message was clear: We want Republicans to run things.

It's a very interesting argument, this notion that Fox News' Charles Krauthammer continues to push that the current session of the "voted out" Congress is "illegitimate" and that the Republican-controlled Congress next year will be "legitimate." It's interesting, and deeply ironic, because if we flash back to December of 1998 you'll recall that following those midterm elections results, following those Republican losses, and following that very clear mandate from voters, what did the Republican lame duck session of "voted out" Congress do?

Oh nothing very controversial, just impeached the President of the United States.

During the height of the GOP-driven impeachment nonsense, the voters seemed to send a very clear message to Republicans. So clear in fact, that Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich lost his job. So what was the message Republicans leaders heeded? To continue with the extraordinary act of impeachment, of course. (And yes, people like Krauthammer cheered the lame duck proceedings on.)

So yes, today's howls about the Democratic lame duck session of Congress are loud. But they're equally dumb and hypocritical and dishonest. Because when the tables were last turned, Republicans didn't care about midterm mandates or the voice of the people. Like Republicans today, they were simply focusing on destroying a Democratic president.

Here was Limbaugh yesterday whining about Democrats. Note the phrase at the end of the clip where he describes them as "bitter" about midterm defeats, and seeking "revenge." Kind of reminds you of impeachment Republicans, right?

And oh yeah, would it kill the Beltway press to point out this rather gigantic bout of conservative hypocrisy?

Rush Limbaugh, Charles Krauthammer
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