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When Tucker Carlson launched the Daily Caller with a former aide to Dick Cheney and a multimillion dollar bankroll from a big GOP donor, Howard Kurtz reported that Carlson "insists this won't be a right-wing site." Every day since then, Carlson's staff has done its best to make a liar out of him.

Yesterday's example: The Daily Caller's interview with James O'Keefe, which made it through exactly one full sentence before telling a right-wing-friendly lie. Sentence two broke that impressive streak by claiming that "O'Keefe (dressed as a pimp) … found ACORN employees seemingly willing to facilitate shady dealings." False! O'Keefe was not "dressed as a pimp" during his interactions with ACORN employees, unless the Caller thinks khakis and a dress shirt constitute "dressing like a pimp."

Next, here's how the Daily Caller described another O'Keefe dirty trick: "After one botched stunt, O'Keefe was charged with (and later cleared of) trying to tap the phones in one of Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu's Louisiana offices." By noting only that O'Keefe was "cleared" of trying to tap the phones, the Caller suggests he did nothing wrong. In fact, O'Keefe pled guilty to breaking the law. Details!

Now, check out the questions -- all of the questions -- the Caller asked O'Keefe:

Do you consider yourself an activist or a journalist? Can someone be both?

Do you have role models? If so, whom?

Is there someone on the political scene you would like to see run for president in 2012?

You've attracted some controversy. Do you have any regrets for any of the actions you've taken?

What political cause would prompt you to chain yourself to the White House fence?

That's some hard-hitting, pull-no-punches journalism!

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