Beck: Only conservatives are allowed to wantonly compare their opponents to Satan


On his radio show today Glenn Beck criticized Van Jones for purportedly "calling Fox News 'Satan." Beck asserted that "Everyone who works at Fox, everyone in talk radio, we're in trouble. We're in real trouble."

So Satan comparisons are totally out of bounds. That is, unless you're talking about progressives, ACORN, Obama or the Tides Foundation:

  • On January 12 Beck compared progressives to Satan, arguing that they have "cut out God."
  • On April 22 Beck compared President Obama's involvement with ACORN to "going to the Church of Lucifer."
  • On August 4 Beck claimed that Obama's ideas are the same as those held by "Lucifer."
  • On October 16 Beck criticized the Tides Foundation for producing an environmentalist curriculum for Christian teens. Beck held up the document and said, "Is that sulfur I smell? Yes, I think so."

Do as Beck says...


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