Hypocrisy watch: Beck to tackle media who unfairly create "villains"

Hypocrisy watch: Beck to tackle media who unfairly create "villains"


On tonight's show, Glenn Beck promises to teach us about instances in which "the media has, or the politicians have created villains before, and it's spiraled the world out of control and only until after did you find out wait, wait, wait, that's not really what happened." His chalk board announced yesterday that the issue of "Media Created Villains" will be at the top of the agenda:

I don't want to get ahead of myself, but this may be the most brazen display of Beck's lack of self-awareness to date. Anyone who tunes in to the Glenn Beck spectacle knows that he's created more villains than Marvel Comics.

But Beck's villains are more like Rebecca Nurse from the Crucible than the Green Goblin: His charges against them are based on amazing distortions and outright fabrications. Among Beck's cast of "Media Created Villains":

  • Progressives, who set a "time bomb" to "destroy" America as a "religious and moral people"
  • Sonia Sotomayor, the "Marxist" Supreme Court Justice who is also "a racist" and "not that bright."
  • Simon Greer, the Jewish Funds for Justice president whose "talk" about "put[ting] the common good first" leads "to death camps."

Feel free to borrow our research, Glenn.

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