The New Yorker attacks Glenn Beck's "ship of lies" for his distortions of its Soros profile

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As we have extensively documented, Glenn Beck's multi-day attack on George Soros was filled with lies and anti-Semitic stereotypes of the worst sort. Hendrik Hertzberg of The New Yorker took notice of Beck's campaign, particularly his usage of a New Yorker profile of Soros as research material that purportedly backed up his smears:

Call us oversensitive, but when our efforts are shanghaied like a nineteenth-century sailor and forced to work as a deckhand aboard a ship of lies, we can't help getting our hackles up. You don't have to be a professional semiotician to see that the Glenn Beck promo is intended to leave the impression that George Soros, the hedge-fund investor and funder of anti-totalitarian and liberal causes, is an anti-Semite; that he was somehow complicit in the Holocaust; and that he is an enemy of Israel. These are lies--lies told by innuendo, but lies all the same. The promo's shard of truth is that "The World According to Soros" was indeed published in The New Yorker. Its author was Connie Bruck. ("Bruc" is a Fox flub, not a Fox fib.) The quotes from it, though accurately transcribed, are made to function as lies by being placed in an utterly mendacious context. Bruck's article is the "source" of these smears only in the sense that the brooks of the Catskills are the "source" of New York City's sewage.

Hertzberg goes on to note that many of Beck's attacks on Soros "correspond uncannily to those of classical anti-Semitism," and takes him to task, while he was in the midst of a fearmongering rant about Soros' supposed plans for America, for omitting that many of the revolutions backed by Soros were against Communistic regimes and autocratic governments.

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