Beck disappears Soros' support for pro-Western, anti-Communist political movements in order to further conspiracy theory

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On today's Fox News show, Glenn Beck noted George Soros' past support of various political movements in Europe and claimed Soros is attempting to recreate similar revolutionary changes of regime in America:

As examples, Beck cited Soros' purported roles in the Rose Revolution (Georgia), the Orange Revolution (Ukraine) and the Velvet Revolution (Czechoslovakia), as well as "coups" in Croatia and Yugoslavia. Author Richard Poe then connected Soros' previous work to Beck's accusation that Soros' "target" is the United States.

Unmentioned in Beck's program, but revealed in Shadow Party, the book Poe co-wrote and which appears to be the source material for a lot of the information being presented by Beck about Soros, is the fact that many of the governments Soros supposedly helped bring down were autocratic ones, often headed by former Communist leaders.

Shadow Party explains that "Soros helped bankroll the 'velvet revolution' that hastened the fall of a dying Communist regime and catapulted dissident playwright Vaclav Havel to the presidency of the Czech Republic." (Shadow Party, p. 231) The Velvet Revolution led to the establishment of Slovakia as an independent nation and eventual inclusion in NATO.

Shadow Party also goes on to note that Soros' support for the Otpor organization in Yugoslavia helped to bring about the end of Slobodan Milosevic's reign, and points out that the International Criminal Tribunal later charged Milosevic with crimes against humanity.

Similarly, the Orange Revolution in Ukraine was a non-violent response to a disputed election that involved poisonings and assassination attempts. And the Rose Revolution replaced Georgian President Eduard Shevardnadze, a former Soviet official, with Mikheil Saakashvili, who Beck himself has heavily praised.

Beck claims that Soros helped to engineer a "coup" in Croatia, but this seems to be a reference to Soros' opposition to Croatian President Franjo Tudjman, who died in office and was replaced by Stipe Mesic. The BBC explained Mesic's election this way: "He espoused a clean break from Mr Tudjman's authoritarianism, which had left the country internationally isolated and in economic recession."

Meanwhile, Beck disappears completely Soros' role funding anti-Communist dissidents like Poland's Solidarity movement, Charter 77 in Czechoslovakia and Andrei Sakharov in the Soviet Union.

These details were completely excluded as Beck sought to sell a story of controlled revolution within America, going so far as to exclude the accurate information from an otherwise unreliable book.

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