Credibility: Fox's flagship news program quotes "JammieWearingFool"

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If you anchored an evening newscast and were reporting on a statement by the Senate majority leader, where would you look for a rejoinder?

If you were Bret Baier, you'd read the remark from Harry Reid and then quote a "slightly different take" from "one conservative blogger" -- the blogger in question being JammieWearingFool.

Here's Baier on Monday's Special Report:

Apart from the questionable cleverness of JammieWearingFool's response, Baier should have been more selective for a solid journalistic reason: JammieWearingFool is a bad source of information. He has a history of picking up hoaxes and presenting them as genuine. He treated a blog post about Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) spending time in a "mental hospital" as potentially real -- but the post was marked "satire." Likewise, he fell for another bit of satire about a global warming activist freezing to death in Antarctica. He also promoted the easily debunked line of attack that it was "[a]nother slap in the face to our veterans" for Obama to honor the troops on Memorial Day somewhere other than Arlington National Cemetery. (The past three Republican presidents have done the same.)

And then there was the time that he compared Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan's looks to those of a male former CNN reporter.

In a way, Baier's decision to quote JammieWearingFool makes sense, given Fox News' long history of harvesting phony stories and bankrupt lines of attack from right-wing bloggers -- the utterly discredited Jim Hoft quickly jumps to mind.

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