Right-wing media target Kagan's physical appearance


Right-wing media figures have responded to Elena Kagan's nomination to be the fourth female Supreme Court justice in history by attacking her physical appearance.

Right-wingers respond to historic nomination with vicious attacks on Kagan's looks

Boortz: "Has anyone seen Mike Myers and your new Supreme in the same room at the same time?" In May 11 tweets, right-wing radio host Neal Boortz compared Kagan to Shrek, the cartoon ogre voiced by Mike Myers in the DreamWorks film series:

Savage on Kagan's "appearance": "I find it personally grotesque," Kagan "looks like she belongs in a kosher deli." On the May 10 edition of his radio show, after a caller said Kagan was a "horrendous creature," Michael Savage replied: "Let's not, let's not comment on how her appearance is, because although I find it personally grotesque, there are many who find it attractive, and so we'll leave that out of it. Let's avoid that. Let's talk about her radical, Marxist policies."

Savage previously said on his April 9 program that Kagan "looks like she belongs in a kosher deli." Savage added: "Isn't there such a thing about the aesthetics of the appointee? Don't they have to look a -- I mean, is there a certain aesthetic that you have to -- you know, it's one thing to be a legal scholar, it's another thing like you have to look at these people. Let's put it to you this way, she's not the type of face you'd want to see on a five dollar bill." Savage later said that Kagan makes Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg look like a "Kazakhstan beauty."

HumanEvents.com's Mattera: Kagan, Napolitano, Sotomayor all "look like linebackers for the New York JETS." In a May 11 tweet, HumanEvents.com editor in chief Jason Mattera wrote:

HumanEvents.com's Oddis compares Kagan to SNL's Pat. In a May 10 tweet, HumanEvents.com assistant managing editor Michelle Oddis stated, "Elena Kagan or Pat?" and posted a link to an image of the SNL character "of undeterminable sex":

Jawa Report: "Butch" Kagan "may be against limiting the number of calories in fast food." In a May 10 post headlined "Obama to Pick Elena 'Butch' Kagan For Supreme Court," Jawa Report's Howie stated, "On the bright side it appears she may be against limiting the number of calories in fast food."

JammieWearingFool compares Kagan to former CNN reporter John Holliman. In a May 10 post headlined "Separated at Birth?" JammieWearingFool asked, "Maybe it's just me, but does Elena Kagan remind anyone of former CNN reporter John Holliman?"

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