Fox cheerleading so bad that GOP candidates are now correcting Fox's lies about their opponents


It is well established that Fox News has become the defacto communications arm of the Republican party by promoting their agenda and propping up their candidates with softball interviews. However, Fox & Friends may have taken it to a new level this morning with their promotion of Congressman Barney Frank's Republican opponent Sean Bielat.

Fox & Friends promotion of Bielat started early, when contributor Dick Morris came on the show to encourage Republicans to actively campaign to unseat Congressman Barney Frank.

Fox & Friends took Morris' advice in the next hour, hosting Bielat for one of their patented softball interviews. Co-host Steve Doocy started off the Bielat boosterism by falsely suggesting that Congressman Frank is to blame for the housing crisis, while co-host Brian Kilmeade asked such hard hitting questions as "Now Barney Frank delivers for his district. Sean, are you gonna, are you willing to tell your district, I'm delivering for your country, not just for you?"

Then, when Kilmeade falsely claimed Frank has "about $12 million in the bank" Bielat had to step in to correct him:

So Fox's "fair and balanced" coverage now depends on Republican candidates correcting Fox' false claims about their Democratic opponents? After Tea Party boosterism, GOP agenda pushing, GOP donations, and active campaigning for Republican candidates it's hard to imagine where they'll go from here. And it's a wonder anyone still believes that they could possibly be "fair and balanced."

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