Fox News lavishes 2 1/2 hours on GOP's "Pledge to America"

Fox News lavishes 2 1/2 hours on GOP's "Pledge to America"


Fox News devoted at least 2 hours 33 minutes on September 22 and 23 to promoting, discussing, and reporting on House Republicans' "Pledge to America," their legislative agenda for the next Congress.

Fox spent more than two and a half hours of coverage on days of preview, release of "Pledge"

Fox News devoted at least 2 hours 33 minutes to "Pledge to America." On September 22 and 23 -- the day the document was released, and the day before, when the document's release was anticipated -- Fox News spent two hours and thirty-three minutes in on-air discussion, reporting, and promotion of the Republican "Pledge to America."

Fox News coverage of the "Pledge to America," in minutes (September 22-23, 2010)



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America's Newsroom, Hannity led the way in coverage of "Pledge to America." America's Newsroom featured roughly 30 minutes minutes of coverage of the "Pledge to America," while Hannity devoted nearly 25 minutes to the issue.

Fox "Pledge" coverage featured adulation and factually inaccurate reporting

Hannity and guests on "Pledge": "Incredible," "excellent" On September 22 and 23, host Sean Hannity and his guests praised the "Pledge to America". On September 23 Hannity said, "The preamble was incredible. The preamble is everything the Tea Party Movement and this conservative ascendancy is calling for." Fox host Mike Huckabee said it was "wonderful" that the proposal said, "they have to have a constitutional impact statement for the bills that they pass." Conservative pundit Ann Coulter said the proposal was "good" though she had "about another 3,000 items I'd like to add to it" (via Nexis). On September 22, after detailing the major bullet points of the "Pledge," Hannity asked Fox News political analyst Karl Rove for his take. Rove responded, "I like it".

Fox & Friends coverage of "Pledge" almost entirely Republican. Fox & Friends' September 23 coverage of the "Pledge" consisted almost entirely of conservatives who endorsed the pledge and Republicans who promoted it. The program featured three Republican supporters on tape and an on-camera interview with supporting Rep. Mike Pence, with only an on-air reading of a statement by Majority Leader Rep. Steny Hoyer in opposition. Fox & Friends also hosted conservative pundit Michelle Malkin, who said the pledge showed Republicans are "clearly listening to the grassroots base."

Varney falsely claimed "Pledge" would reduce the deficit. Appearing on America's Newsroom, Fox Business host Stuart Varney claimed the pledge would lead to "less debt." In fact, a permanent extension of the Bush tax cuts, as called for in the pledge, would reportedly cost $3.9 trillion over the next decade. The proposal offers no remedy to offset that cost.

Fox News regularly promotes Republican issues and candidates

Fox News has close associations with the Republican Party, and promotes Republican candidates and issues. News Corp., the parent company of Fox News Channel, donated $1 million to the Republican Governors Association. Republican candidates regularly appear on Fox for softball interviews to launch their campaigns and promote fundraising, while Fox News hosts and contributors often raise money for Republican candidates and causes.

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