Fox & Friends cries sexism


Today, Fox & Friends picked up on a 17 second video of former President Bill Clinton poking some fun at the more colorful cast of Tea Party candidates the Republicans have managed to nominate this election cycle. Referring to U.S. Senate candidates Linda McMahon (R-CT) and Christine McDonnell (R-DE), Clinton said, "And of course they've got the wrestling federation lady in Connecticut and the witchcraft lady in Delaware. And I tell ya, so far, they've gathered up about everybody for this Tea Party but the Mad Hatter and Alice in Wonderland." Co-host Steve Doocy chided Clinton for "mocking female candidates."

Minutes later they aired a news brief on "hotties" racing "like horses" in Australia, which was basically nothing more than an excuse to show women running around in bikinis. You tell me which is more sexist:

Fox & Friends screen shot

While reporting on the "race," co-host Brian Kilmeade mentioned that "the people from Lingerie Football are very upset by this. They thought they had the most risqué sport." Yeah, he would know. The guy getting tackled in the photo below? Brian Kilmeade:

Fox & Friends lingerie bowl

From the September 28 broadcast of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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