Fox Biz anchor wants politicians to sign his "contract" promising less spending, "Obamacare" repeal

Fox Biz anchor wants politicians to sign his "contract" promising less spending, "Obamacare" repeal

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As Think Progress' Lee Fang noted, Fox Business anchor David Asman yesterday asked Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) to sign-on to his conservative "contract" pledging "No New Taxes, No New Bureaucrats, Cut Spending, Repeal Obamacare." Ryan replied, "Absolutely. And we not only would be in favor of these things, we will be in favor of these things."*

On August 26, Asman also got Arizona Republican congressional candidate Ben Quayle to take his conservative pledge.

Asman's on-air activism sounds similar to the pledges political organizations like Americans for Tax Reform ask politicians to sign-on to. Indeed, on August 24 -- days before he asked Quayle and Ryan to take his pledge -- Asman said that politicians should "take a pledge, and be forced to keep that pledge. The pledge is simple -- starve the beast. No new taxes. Another contract with America. The last one worked out pretty well. Perhaps, it is time for another." Asman then hosted ATR president Grover Norquist and touted the wisdom of asking politicians to sign conservative pledges.

Asman previously said that the passage of health care reform "scared the hell out of us" and that it's like "Animal Farm and 1984." In the run-up to the midterm elections, Asman has frequently hosted various GOP candidates. On August 26, Asman asked two Republican candidates how "we" can "undo the damage that's been done."

Asman isn't alone on Fox Business in hoping for a conservative tide. Fox Business morning anchor Stuart Varney has frequently advocated for Republican electoral victories and has described himself as "very clearly partisan," and primetime host Eric Bolling has similarly advocated for Republican victories.

*Text of Ryan taking Asman's pledge added.

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