Asman's veterans-turned-congressional candidates are all Republicans -- but he won't tell you that

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As part of an episode-long salute to veterans, David Asman kicked off the May 28 edition of Fox Business' America's Nightly Scoreboard by hosting four veterans who are running for Congress -- Allen West, Brian Rooney, Katherine Jenrette, and Adam Kinzinger. Asman portrayed them as a "refreshing voice that is rising up" and "veterans who want to kick out the incumbents and take their place in D.C.," adding that they are among "nearly two dozen vets" who are "looking to take back Congress and making a real difference."

Unless you were paying close attention to the on-screen text identifying each candidate, you wouldn't know that there is one other trait Asman's four guests share: they're all Republicans.

Indeed, Asman seemed rather proud of not highlighting that. At the end of the segment, he said: "By the way, we never once mentioned which party you're running with, and I think we should leave it that way."

While Asman may have wanted to keep partisan politics out of his honoring of the veterans, it's also just as likely that he wanted to obscure the fact that he was engaging in his own display of partisan politics with this single-party representation.

But then, when you're part of the research and communications arm of the Republican Party, that's pretty much to be expected.

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