David Limbaugh on Obama: "What kind of foreigner do we have in this office"?

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Is it possible that Rush is the sane Limbaugh? Probably not, but conservative writer David Limbaugh (Rush's brother) forces us to consider the possibility:

President Barack Obama's leftist ideology has propelled him to become the most destructive president ever, best-selling author David Limbaugh says.

In an exclusive Newsmax.TV interview, Limbaugh says the president has disdain for America's superpower status and wants to undermine the country.

"What kind of foreigner do we have in this office, and I'm not talking the birther issue. But I am saying this guy's attitude is that of an alien who's not proud of this country, who goes around apologizing to the world with dismissiveness and arrogance, and says we have not comported ourselves like a good citizen."


"What is this grudge he has against America?"

Limbaugh contends the president has been raised almost since birth to hate America.

Newsmax omitted this gem from its write-up of Limbaugh's comments: "How can you not think that the guy is trying intentionally to take us over the cliff? I'm not saying he is. I think he's a combination of Mr. Magoo and Nikolai Machiavelli. I don't know what the guy is." And this one: "I don't know that this guy recognizes any restraints on his constitutional authority."

Limbaugh concludes of Obama: "I don't think anybody that wants to fundamentally change the country loves the country."

David Limbaugh, Newsmax
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