Rush Limbaugh Slams Obama For Inviting CAIR Officials To Final State Of The Union Address

Limbaugh: “This Is Purposely Provocative ... This Is To Remind You That It Isn't Your Country Anymore”

From the January 12 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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RUSH LIMBAUGH: Now here is the State of the Union tonight. From, Muslim Group's Officials Invited To State Of The Union. We had the San Bernardino massacre, we've had 9/11, we have repeated attempts at terrorism in this country that are, what should I say, committed by, largely, militant Islamists. I'm talking about acts of terror, not your average, run of the mill street crime, like in a Steelers-Bengals game. I am taking about -- yeah I just had to throw that in there. So, of all people to invite and to herald and single out at the State of the Union of the United States, we're going to bring in CAIR, a Council on Arab Islamic Relations. And we're going to bring in some, why?

Don't tell me this is not purposely provocative. This is not being done to unify anybody. Obama may as well have an illegal immigrant sitting -- well take it back, he is going to have an illegal immigration sitting next to his wife tonight in the form of a Syrian refugee. You think that's going to unify the country? This is -- these moves are in your face. This is to remind you that you've lost. This is to remind you that it isn't your country anymore. This is to remind you and put an exclamation point behind, your country is changing no matter what the hell you think about it.


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