Coult-zilla vs. Moth-Farah

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The war of words between right-wing author Ann Coulter and WorldNetDaily birther king Joseph Farah just keeps raging.

It all started when Coulter agreed to headline "Homocon," a gathering of gay Republicans in New York City on September 25. GOProud -- the group sponsoring the event -- described the pundit as, "the right wing Judy Garland!" in promotional materials despite her long history of homophobia, gay baiting, and name-calling when it comes to the LGBT community.

As the real Judy Garland was spinning in her grave somewhere over the rainbow, Farah was gearing up for an attack on Coulter over the appearance.

In mid-August, Farah announced that Coulter had been axed from her role as keynote speaker at his "Taking America Back National Conference" scheduled for later this month in Miami because she had agreed to headline "Homocon."

Speaking exclusively to WorldNetDaily, his own publication, Farah revealed details of private emails between Coulter and himself.

In those emails, Coulter purportedly indicated that she was only speaking to GOProud because she was being paid and that she regularly speaks in front of audiences with which she disagrees.

Furious that details of their private email discussions had been released, Coulter attacked Farah both online and on television.

In an email to Tucker Carlson's conservative Daily Caller, Coulter wrote that Farah was going after her for "publicity alone," that she believed her emails with Farah had been "private" and that he was a "swine" and a "publicity whore" for using them. She also said that Farah, "could give less than two sh-ts about the conservative movement -- as demonstrated by his promotion of the birther nonsense."

Ultimately she reiterated her opposition to gay marriage (and her "like" of gays), concluding that Farah hadn't canceled her keynote at all – he just couldn't come up with the money to pay her booking fee.

Then, appearing on Fox News' Red Eye, Coulter went a bit further. Speaking at times in the third person, she called Farah and WorldNetDaily "fake Christians trying to get publicity."

Farah responded in a statement -- again to his WorldNetDaily -- saying, "Coulter called me a 'publicity whore' for my decision. But look who is on television talking about this – throwing mud, name-calling, smearing not only me but my entire staff. I will not engage in the kind of ad hominem attacks that have made Coulter so famous and that are making her even more of a media darling in this age of reckless anger and character assassination for the sake of entertainment. Every day, since we made this decision at WND, I thank God for giving me the clarity of mind and discernment to make the right choice."

Seeing Farah take Coulter to task for "ad hominem attacks" in an "age of reckless anger and character assassination" is pretty funny considering it is one of the many similarities the two share.

After a few days off, Farah decided to launch some "ad hominem attacks" of his own against the LGBT community in an effort to breath new life into his spat with Coulter.

In a column this week titled "The homo con continues," Farah writes that since Coulter accepted the "Homocon" headlining role other "Republicans and 'conservatives' [were] now lining up to support" GOProud.

Farah went on to say that the event "literally represents the homo conning of the Republican Party and the conservative movement" and that we are "witnessing the destruction of Washington's conservative establishment before our eyes." He sees those supporting GOProud as tacitly supporting such things as "liberty-destroying hate-crimes legislation" and "special government perks for homosexuals."

It may sound funny but it is no laughing matter for Farah -- in his eyes, he's the only one in "the Republican Party or the conservative movement standing up to this wholesale retreat on some fundamental conservative issues." He's "the only one willing to stand up for liberty as a gift of God."

Thus far, Coulter hasn't seen fit to further extend her back and fourth with Farah -- despite the birther king's best efforts.

For those of us watching at home, the fight between the anti-gay and the slightly-less-anti-gay has been quite a spectacle, which is probably what Coulter and Farah (independently) had in mind.

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