Palin "reality" show to premier in November

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No, not the reality show gossiped about by the tabloids that was purportedly shopped by Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston before their latest breakup

It's the Sarah Palin's "reality" show I wrote back in March:

Sarah Palin, the former half-term Governor of Alaska, has inked a deal with Discovery Communications' The Learning Channel (TLC) for her very own reality show - one that will apparently spotlight the natural wonders of her beautiful home state.

Perhaps all of the irony is lost on Palin and the folks at TLC.

I find it hilarious that Palin, who couldn't complete a full term as Alaska Governor, will be headlining a reality show produced by Mark Burnett, the creator of CBS's Survivor?

The half-term Governor's show is set to premier in November. As Huffington Post notes:

TLC President Eileen O'Neill told reporters at the annual Television Correspondents Association press tour that "Sarah Palin's Alaska," the TLC series that was announced in March, will debut on November 14 at 9 PM.

So far, not much is known about the series, except that the initial run will last eight episodes and that it is being produced by Mark Burnett, creator of "Survivor" and "The Apprentice." The announcement of the series in March had created a stir, since TLC is owned by the Discovery Network, which is known for its nature shows, and Palin is no friend of the environmental movement.

To say that the Fox News contributor is "no friend" of the environment is the helicopter-hunting understatement of the year. Her record on the issue speaks for itself.

I should note that this "reality" show will likely be decidedly different from her Fox News appearances which are based in a world free of reality.

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