The Real Housewives of Wasilla, Alaska?

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Sarah Palin, the former half-term Governor of Alaska, has inked a deal with Discovery Communications' The Learning Channel (TLC) for her very own reality show - one that will apparently spotlight the natural wonders of her beautiful home state.

Perhaps all of the irony is lost on Palin and the folks at TLC.

I find it hilarious that Palin, who couldn't complete a full term as Alaska Governor, will be headlining a reality show produced by Mark Burnett, the creator of CBS's Survivor?

The entire concept is just as funny, perhaps unintentionally. Palin, a contributor for the climate science denying Fox News Channel, someone with an appalling record when it comes to nature and the environment in her own right... hosting a show like this? It's almost too much.

What's next for TLC? A spin-off of NBC's The Marriage Ref hosted by Tiger Woods? Jon & Kate get back together in a touching reunion show live from a Tea Party protest?

As for Palin, her record on the environment speaks for itself and it doesn't have much that's nice to say.

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