Snowpocalypse vs. Summer Heat Wave: Right-Wing Media Having it Both Ways With Weather

Snowpocalypse vs. Summer Heat Wave: Right-Wing Media Having it Both Ways With Weather

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This past winter the conservative media was absolutely giddy using record-breaking snowfall and chilly temperatures to cast doubt on the scientific concensus surrounding global climate change:

Before we go any further, it bears noting that there is a very real difference between weather ("what conditions of the atmosphere are over a short period of time") and climate ("how the atmosphere 'behaves' over relatively long periods of time.")

Yes, these right-wing media figures and outlets regularly conflate weather and climate to undermine public opinion about the broad and conclusive scientific consensus that climate change is real and exacerbated by human activity.

Now, what if we were to take these science deniers at their word? What if they were simply reporting the weather as it relates to climate change? If cold weather means global warming is a scam, doesn't warm weather mean global warming is legit?

Media conservatives would finally be consistent if they agreed with both scenarios but they'd still be wrong about both equations.

Again, weather and climate aren't the same.

If anything shows the shallow political calculations of the conservative media, it's the games it plays with weather and climate.

So, as much of the country feels the triple-digit temperatures of a summer heat wave, don't expect Fox News, Drudge, or any of the other right-wing media flat-earthers to step forward and use the summer weather as a political cudgel. That's a dubious weapon exclusively reserved on the right for snow, cold weather and winter.

Flashback to Snowpocalypse:

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