BTW, Obama's job approval is up since March, but the NYT decides not to say so

BTW, Obama's job approval is up since March, but the NYT decides not to say so

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And three makes a trend!

I recently noted that both the WashPost and USA Today, when reporting on their latest batch of polling data, forgot to inform readers that Obama's job approval rating had inched up in recent months. The New York Times now joins in on that reporting oddity.

From the Times today:

Respondents were nearly evenly split on the president's handling of the economy — 45 percent approve, 48 percent disapprove. His job approval rating remains just below 50 percent.'

For the record, Obama's approval rating in the Times poll stands at 47 percent. And yes, that's up slightly since March (44 percent.)

I reason I keep documenting this reporting trend when it comes to Obama's polling numbers is because I'm detecting a certain awkwardness among Beltway scribes who seem reluctant to acknowledge that, despite the avalanche media criticism the president has been subjected to this spring, and especially in the wake of the BP spill, the public doesn't seem to be responding to those Beltway critiques.

In other words, we seem to be witnessing the latest chapter of the Beltway media disconnect, where insiders announce a Democratic president is doomed, and the American people turn around and give the president higher marks.

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