Two months after BP disaster, Obama's approval rating remains unchanged

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It's worth keeping in mind as Beltway pundits, as well as the entire GOP Noise Machine, have rushed in this spring to pronounce Obama's presidency doomed.

-Approval rating at Gallup for April 20: 49 percent

-Approval rating at Gallup for June 20: 49 percent.

UPDATED: Richard Cohen at the WashPost sure has bad timing. He dedicated his entire column today to explaining why Americans are so unhappy with Obama in the wake of the BP disaster. (Hint: It has to do w/ body language.)


Unless, that is, by unhappy Cohen means Americans give Obama the exact same approval rating as they did before the BP spill.

UPDATED: From Gallup's analysis [emphasis added]:

President Obama gets substantially higher approval ratings for handling the Gulf Coast oil spill than does BP, and Obama's approval ratings both on the spill and overall have edged up slightly over the last two weeks. However, weekly trends in Obama's overall job approval rating show no significant impact from the oil spill; his weekly average now is little different from what it was in the weeks prior to the spill.

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