CNN's Erickson concerned about everything but the details

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On CNN's John King, USA tonight, RedState's Erick Erickson brought up a "story that percolated yesterday" that BP's escrow account would be used to pay for "something or other related to health care." Erickson went on to say, "Stories like that get lodged in people's minds regardless of the details."

No doubt that "story" will "get lodged in people's minds," thanks in part to Erickson bringing it up on CNN. But about those details.

This story has indeed been "percolating" -- at the Drudge Report and fringe right-wing blogs, where comments made by Michigan Rep. Bart Stupak have been misconstrued to suggest he supports using the escrow account to help pay for health care reform. In reality, Stupak said that it would be legitimate to use funds in the BP-funded escrow account to pay for health care for Gulf residents who lost their jobs and insurance as a result of the BP oil spill.

But what are details to a paid CNN contributor?

Erick Erickson
Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill
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