Still snubbing national press, Palin making the rounds on local television news

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Two weeks ago, I double-dog-dared Fox News contributor Sarah Palin to take ABC News' Jake Tapper up on his offer to appear on This Week.

As Media Matters' Eric Boehlert went on to note:

I hope she accepts the offer. But I don't think she'll bite, for the very simple reason that she has categorically refused to answer any questions from non-right-wing journalists, and non-Fox News cheerleaders, for going on a year now. That's a fact. But you don't hear Beltway journalists complain. (They don't seem to mind being habitually snubbed. In fact, they reward her with more free news coverage.)

We've simply never seen an instance in modern American politics where a high-profile political figure was able to not only hide from the press, but advertise the fact that he/she was going to boycott the press. (And do it with glee!) And then have the press roll over and accept the categorical rejection. I mean c'mon, reporters now routinely type out Palin's Facebook notes as news.

Does anybody honestly think that if, say, after his 2000 election loss, Al Gore basically refashioned himself into some sort of relentless attack hack, a kind of whirling dervish of partisan misinformation, and positioned himself for a possible run in 2004, and Gore refused to answer questions from the Beltway press for more than a year, that an ABC News host would try to cajole Gore into appearing on his show?

Now the former half-term Governor of Alaska is making the rounds on local television news -- I guess it was something the Dutch suggested.

As Politico's Patrick Gavin reports:

It's not exactly a new strategy (ask George W. Bush...), but we've noticed that Sarah Palin is focusing more on local media lately (of course, having an exclusive contract with Fox News forbids her from going on certain other national outlets...).


As my colleague Ken Vogel put it, "Take that Lame Stream Media!"

I guess Tapper is only going to get that interview if he takes a demotion and moves to a rural ABC affiliate.

Perhaps I should have gone with the rarely used and "sinister triple-dog-dare."

Jake Tapper, Sarah Palin
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